Death and all its friends

Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.
Revelation 2:10

Would you die for Jesus?

I know that’s a blunt question to open with, but really, that is what it ultimately comes down to. We may have put our faith in Jesus, accepted his gracious offer of forgiveness, committed ourselves to live under the command of a new heavenly master, and devoted ourselves to growing and being discipled as Christians; but when we live in a fairly non-confrontational, post-modern society (where that’s all very nice for you thanks, but I’ve got my own beliefs) are we really going to stand for our King?

Are we going to be faithful to a God who demands holiness and perfection. Will we say “no” to the worldly pleasures of sin and greed that are taunted and flaunted in every direction – from up above in the halls of power & government to down below on the streets of school playgrounds & workplaces to every other side with billboards & ad campaigns & media marketing – penetrating its way into every pore of life.

It’s all too easy to live our Christian life on the lowest common denominator – doing just enough to look like all the other God-folk around us. Not wanting to stick out too much as a Jesus freak, but not wanting to slip out of view either. This wishy-washy, fluffy dribble I want to spit out and be rid of forever. God has never wanted people to be ‘doing’ just enough to get by, it’s not about ‘doing’ anything at all. How is it that we’ve been so deceived to think that looking the part will get us a crown of life?

It’s about faith.

Faith in a God of grace, who calls for his people to die for him.
Just as he became a person and died for us, that by his grace we may have faith.