But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
Matthew 6:33

For the last month at youth group we’ve been looking at what God teaches us about relationships. How important is it in this day and age to have some clear direction about how we’re meant to relate to one another. I mean, to relate in the personal and intimate sense: to love, to give yourself, to be selfless and devoted to another.

We looked at all sorts of issues, from going out, singleness and loneliness to sex, pornography and marriage. God is a totally relational God, who is in the most perfect triunal relationship himself, and he created us to be relational beings too.

We rounded our studies off with what really should be the foundation of any human relationship we have on earth: and that is our relationship with God. I asked a really searching question: if you could only have one intimate relationship during your whole lifetime, who would it be with?

Would you choose a relationship with God or would you rather a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife? And you can’t say both!

If that’s what it came down to, what would you say? Would you be happy and content with only God? Are you completely satisfied with him and him alone? Is all your worth, self-esteem, love and identity in him?

We must be totally satisfied with the I AM. He is all we need. He says: You shall have no other gods beside me.
Or would you rather
God plus a girlfriend or
God plus a husband?

God is a jealous God, he will not share us with another.

It’s not that God wants us to miss out on the joy and beauty of an intimate human relationship; instead, he knows that it’s only when we’re satisfied in our walk with God that we could even hope to be satisfied in a human relationship.

Put God first – he knows all that you need and desire.

But be satisfied in him alone.