A prayer

I’m praying for this generation, that we would be a people set ablaze with a passion for the name and power and glory of our King.

I’m sick of the half-hearted-ness and softness of people who call themselves Christians; of the fluffy, weak and limp-wristed boys who are pretending to be godly men.

Who amongst us is willing to carry their cross? Who is willing to be a voice to this crushed world? Who is willing to take up their armour, go in the power of the Spirit and march out to war on their knees? Where are those who are dissatisfied by the witness of God’s people, embarrassed by the dispassionate status quo and mourning over the disunity, impurity and silence of the church?

Join me in intercession. Plead with me in repentance. Long for transformation. Beg for revival.

Bring healing.

Bring restoration.

Bring life.

Open eyes.

Soften hearts.

Break us.

Shape us.

Renew us.

Have mercy O God, for the sake of your name; for the sake of your kingdom; for the sake your glory and praise.