In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Acts 2:17

I’ve been reminded recently that God speaks. I’m not just talking about his written word – the Bible, or when a preacher teaches it or anything. But I’m talking about those other more subjective ways, but even though they’re subjective it’s no less of our God speaking directly to us.

Like when he tells you to go speak to that person over there and it’s a real significant conversation… or when he gives you a picture or a vision for someone that was just what they needed to hear… or if you have a dream that’s really significant or prophetic… or if you’re praying about what to speak about at the next meeting and he gives you a passage or a theme that was just what people needed to hear at the particular time!

Those times…
Have you ever heard God speaking to you like that?

I’m learning to be much more open and reliant on God to lead me in these ways, and it’s so exciting when he does! To be lead by God, to have the faith and the boldness to obey it and then to see the blessing that results from it. Wow! I want it more.

Teach me God to listen to you, however you choose to speak.

It’s good to know that our King isn’t just a gate keeper, who once we’ve entered through, leaves us to find our own way down the narrow path. Instead he goes with us, and knows each step of the way and is able to guide us and direct us.

Thank you Jesus.