Holy Spirit

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord!

In our little home yesterday we had the most amazing time – Jesus poured his Spirit upon us all!

There were 5 of us in all: my wife & me, my brother, cousin and a friend from church. We’ve been meeting to pray & chat each fortnight for several months now, growing in love and trust for one another. It started from a joint passion to see God work in our little town.

We’ve been seeking God, crying out to him and longing for him to do his mighty work in and through us.

Each week has built on the previous week, and our God has been preparing and steering us towards a deeper relationship with himself.

Then it came.

First, we began studying the work of the Spirit through scripture and giving testimony to the work he had already done in our own lives and in others through history. We were unsure about what and how the Spirit can work, so those who had insight shared and began painting a picture of Jesus pouring out his Spirit.

As we began praying, God’s love for us was in the forefront of our minds; but that quickly turned to a deep awareness of our sinfulness and prayers turned to confession and brokenness.

Cara wasn’t with us from the start, but when she arrived, she said she could feel a heavy presence of God in the house (and that was before we even started praying).

We were each driven to our knees and lay down, hiding our faces, filled with prayers and tears.

We prayed for authenticity and genuineness. We prayed that the fear would be taken away.

Juliet then helped and encouraged us to speak in tongues and to open ourselves up fully to God – to thank him for pouring out his Spirit.

Cara had prophecies and visions which were so exciting and encouraging. Priscilla later had interpretations of a vision.

After a few hours we were all praying and speaking in tongues together, the Spirit was uniting us strongly. There was a joy and excitement in each one that couldn’t be contained.

Priscilla and I both spoke earlier in the day about wanting an assurance from God, and after everyone had left we both testified to having received that after last night!

Praise God! Wow! God is good.

Thank you Jesus.