…streams of living water will flow from within him.
John 7:38

Wow, what a week it’s been. All sorts of changes – and all very exciting.

My brother left us to move to India. He was waiting and trusting God to lead him and provide and he has.
My cousin, who was also staying with us, has left now and has moved further into London to get involved in a new church up there and find work and continue waiting on God to lead her in her passions and gifts.

As for that special day last week, it’s been exciting but also challenging, carrying on in our walks with Jesus since then.
There have been battles and doubts and confrontations and fears that have tried to come in and bring disunity, but there has also been a deepening spiritually between me and my wife which has been thrilling and brought us closer.

All praise to the King!

In particular, Priscilla has witnessed a real strengthening and boldness that she has for a long time been seeking God and longing for! Others have commented on the noticeable difference in her assertiveness and courage! Wow!

I too have experienced God’s power at work. I was asked to share with our church at the weekend, a bit of the story of what God has done in my life thus far. I don’t take these opportunities lightly, and felt it was right to share. But at the last minute there was a change which completely threw me and suddenly I was overwhelmed and unable to literally even put a word together.

But through prayer and the power of God and his Spirit, I was able to witness to those who were there, about some of God’s amazing grace in my life.

It’s like it wasn’t even me speaking, I almost don’t remember what happened that morning. But I know God was at work and he is continuing on his delightful job of restoring and sanctifying a people for himself.

Again, all glory to Him!