I haven’t come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.
Luke 5:32

What a beautiful verse! A verse that must be treasured! How great to know that it’s not about being good enough for God… but about God’s goodness to us.

Many making their way down the broad path are skipping along quite happily, thinking that they’ve done enough to make it through the pearly gates they hope are waiting for them at the end. They think their nice deeds and good intentions will be enough to pass through. The fact that others seem much more obviously worse than them and that basically they’re pretty likable sort of people seem to justify their confidence.

But Jesus reminds us that only sick people need a doctor.

Only sinners can be saved by Jesus and remember: Jesus is the only Way to the new creation! No self imposed righteousness will do. Our best intentions will not be enough. Jesus, and only Jesus!

But, we know that. We can easily say that it’s all about grace and not about works. But there’s a word that might easily be missed in the that verse at the top of the page. We rejoice that Jesus calls sinners. But do we forget the last word? He calls sinners to repentance.

We must repent.

Not just once. In fact, lets get out of the idea that it’s an event that is done once, or maybe even several times in our lives. It’s not something that can be done – in the sense that I say a few words and I’m done repenting. It’s not about saying anything at all, instead, it’s about a life being transformed. To repent, must be ongoing – I must live a life of repentance, a life of turning away from sin.

Rejoice that Jesus has called you. Now repent.

And go on repenting!