Trust in the Lord with all your heart…
Proverbs 3:5

Once you’ve experienced God’s grace in your life, you are never the same again. Having come to the small gate and humbly accepted the gate-keeper’s gentle invitation, you step out onto the narrow path ahead and begin the adventure.

You can’t see it before you enter through the gate, but once you’re through, it’s only then that you appreciate the gracious gift God has given you.


It’s like you’ve been born again. Like, really born again – given a whole new start at life, and this time you can do things differently. This time you can rely on someone else who’s walked the path already – you don’t have to worry about what each dip in the road will bring. He’s gone through it all for us.

Not only has he been there and done that, but he made the very path you’re walking down. He can also see every awkward bend up ahead and he knows how long it’s going to take you to get through each stretch along the way.

What comfort, what joy, what peace, what hope! It is so good to know that he knows. I need not fear. Only to trust.

This new life he’s given is a gift. We haven’t done anything worthy of receiving it. That’s grace.

So why get concerned along the way? Why doubt, fear, worry or get scared? He started it all, let’s trust him to finish it all too!