Well it’s been sometime… lots to tell…

A few weeks ago, my Grandma died at 80 years old after a long, faithful life living for her Saviour. I had never mentioned her before, till that last post, where I quoted one of her little sayings – ‘keep on keeping on.’ We can say now that she kept on keeping on, and is now kept in eternity with her Friend and King.

She was a patient, long-suffering, caring and kind woman, who loved her God, her family, her friends as well as all those who would cross her path. She was also a very creative and artistic person who painted many pictures and wrote many poems in particular.

The last poem she wrote, entitled Come To Me, is so fitting. Written from Jesus’ perspective, she wrote it less than a month before she died and sums up her desire (which is much more God’s desire) and that is for people to be saved.

The last line in her poem is now a fulfilled reality for my Grandma. Her new life began when she put her faith in God’s Son, but now she is experiencing that new life in all its fulness! Which makes the death of a saint (believer, Christian) not the end of a life but simply the beginning!

Come To Me
by  Pamela J. Mills

Oh why won’t you believe in me
Oh why don’t you now look and see
That I did come to save you all
From consequences of the fall
I died upon the cross of wood
That all who loved me come they could
For God so loved, He sent His Son
And I was our God’s only one
I taught and healed so men could see
That I had come to set men free
Alas they would not see and know
They killed the Son and laid me low
But up I rose on the third day
To live forever come what may
And don’t you think it would make sense
To come, to me and not be dense
For I would love and care each day
And guide you now in every way
So do confess and ask me in
And your new life will then begin