…since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses…
Hebrews 12:1

This weekend, at the youth group I help out at, we’re hoping to have an evening looking at the life of Jim Elliot and his 4 friends who were killed while trying to make contact with a tribe deep in the Ecuadorian jungle. I’ve been excited about planning this as it’s the stories like this that have motivated and challenged me in my own life as I walk each day down the narrow path.

There’s something about the biographies of Christians who have walked the path before us… the battles and trials they faced on the way… the faithfulness of God to them… and the fruit of their labours that is so encouraging. It really inspires me to persevere and dream bigger than I ever would have without hearing their tales of faith.

It also gives me a bigger view of who God is. Reading great stories in the Bible of seas being parted, of the earth pausing on its rotation round the sun, of metal axe-heads floating, of blazing fires refusing to consume those standing in it, of shadows of apostles healing those it passed by… lets me know that God is a massive and powerful God.

Hearing stories of God’s mighty power today magnifies him even more. It’s even closer, even more real. It let’s me know that God is alive and active and is still in the business of changing lives and making his glory known to the ends of the earth.

While the pages of the Bible may have been finished, the stories of God’s people continue. We should learn from them and then go on, inspired to walk by faith, and to let God complete his story in our own lives – wherever or whatever that may involve.