…they will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendour.
Isaiah 61:3

Didn’t get a chance to write much last month – had a busy month – not least was seeing my wife bring another little life into this world! His name is Oakley Faithful. For God has been good and faithful to us!

The name Oakley was partly inspired and affirmed by the phrase in the verse above: oaks of righteousness.

The verse comes out of a passage that Jesus partly quoted for himself in Luke 4:18-19, where in the synagogue he stood up to “proclaim the year of the LORD’s favour.” Jesus stops short of quoting our verse above as these oaks have yet to be fully planted. That’s something we persevere towards and look forward to.

The oaks of righteousness are those strong and mighty beings that we will one day be in his powerful presence. No more will we mourn and cry – we will rejoice. No more will we faint and despair – we will laugh with boldness. No more will we be weak and feeble, encumbered by sin and failure – we will be like the oak tree – the most grand and imposing of all trees. Oaks of righteousness: sinlessness and purity.

The oak tree seems to last longer than most lifetimes – that today even buildings, streets and towns are named after them. Do a quick search of the oak tree through the bible and you’ll soon find angels meeting under them, memorials being set up by them and people being buried beneath them.

So in Isaiah’s glorious vision, these oaks of righteousness, planted by God in his eternal kingdom, will stand forever and bring glory to him.

I look forward to that day, when God has finished his work in me – his refining and pruning – so that I may be planted in his glorious new earth.

I pray too that my new son will grow into a mighty oak, that brings much glory to his Creator, and through whom the splendour of God is seen.