They were ordinary men…
Acts 4:13

Imagine having the professors from top universities together, alongside the sharpest scientists, next to the leading government strategists, with the rest of the foremost thinkers of today. Up stand two rough and ready, weathered farmers who speak to the crowd. Appearances are simple – there’s no sign of prestige or refinement; instead just two blokes in their overalls talking.

But they speak with the greatest passion, boldness and authority, that this learned assembly has ever heard. All their combined wisdom, schooling, experience and training is dumbfounded by the sheer brilliance and audacity of  the farmers’ message.

The crowd stare at each other with perplexed looks on their faces wondering how they have never heard such clarity and insight before. They wish they could teach like that in their classrooms, focus like that in their laboratories and lead like that in their parliaments.

But then they realise how these two simple farmers are able to speak with such courage before this imposing crowd. They noted that these two had been with a master teacher. They had not only spent time with him, they had lived day in and day out with him – they ate, slept and breathed with him. They had been consumed constantly by his presence for months on end.

So when it came to speaking on their own, it was as if this master teacher’s presence was right there with them. His spirit continuing on through them. So that even the wisest and most upstanding of society were astonished by the things they said and the way they said it.

So the similar story goes with Peter and John before the Sanhedrin in Acts 4. Two ordinary, unschooled men, transformed by the extraordinary presence of Jesus.

I long to be used by God. I have a desire to serve him and see lives changed through my words and actions.
Maybe you do too.

Peter and John had been with Jesus and were filled with his Spirit now that he had ascended to heaven. They were ordinary folk but they chose to give up everything and spend all their time with Jesus. They sacrificed, left behind and abandoned all else to follow Him.

In doing so, they were filled with the very Spirit of God and astounded even the greatest minds of the day.

Walk each day down the narrow path in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit and yours and my very ordinary lives may be used by the master to do extraordinary things.