In the way of righteousness there is life;
along that path is immortality.
Proverbs 12:28

Do you ever question whether it’s really worth continuing down the narrow path beyond the small gate?

I’ve heard preachers in the past tell tales of their spiritual battles and the doubts they’ve had in their journey with God; but I’d never been able to relate to them. I was shocked that anyone could doubt God once you had been born again. Once your eyes had been opened to the truth, how could you not continue believing in that truth?

But then ever so secretly, I’ve noticed how lethargy can sneak into my walk; how motivation can wane; how mediocrity and the ‘plateau’ can sap my energy to continue. What then?

Those preachers have been around longer than I have – they’d experienced paths that I had yet to walk. But I know a little of their testimony now.

So we go back to the start:

There is a call to persevere, the call to endure, the call to keep on keeping on. Keep your eyes fixed straight ahead, to Jesus, the pioneer, the initiator, the founder and author of our faith. The one who calls us by his grace and the one who keeps us walking by his grace.

The proverb above motivates me. I know at the end of this road is the greatest prize that Christ bought for me…

Real life.

The alternative isn’t worth thinking about…
unless you read the previous post.