Consider my sighing.
Psalm 5:1

SighI love the way the Psalms puts things.

I’ve begun reading through a Psalm, (when I’m disciplined), to start each day off. Today I read Psalm 5. It starts with the above request to YHWH – to hear my sighs!

Have you sighed today? Other translations call it a groan. You know the feeling –
deep breath in,
sharp exhale of breath,
head rolls back,
eyebrows arch
shoulders sag…

I’ve sighed a bit lately. Having a 1 & 2 year old running around the house demanding constant attention causes me to sigh sometimes. Pressures of work and dealing with people can cause me to sigh too. Aches & pains and hurts & disappointments often bring heavy sighs.

King David seems to have sighed too and put it into a song.
His song asks God to hear his sighs and cries. But then as we sing, we remember that God only hears the sighs of the righteous – only those that love the name of YHWH. Those who are arrogant or liars or rebels have no hope. If you’ve made your home (your refuge) in God then we can sing for joy – v11 – because the King hears our sighs.

Down this narrow path that we walk, on many days we will sigh. Our King Jesus sighed and groaned many times on the road to his cross; but he knew the blessing of God in spite of it. He could walk that road ‘for the joy set before him’.

This Psalm says the same thing. We start off in the morning sighing, but waiting in expectation (v3) but by the end of the song we can be glad, we can sing for joy and rejoice in God! Because YHWH surrounds us with his shield of love and grace!

I need to remember that next time I find myself sighing.
He hears the sighs of his people and surrounds us with his all-knowing and unbeatably strong embrace!