For nothing is impossible with God.
Luke 1:37

Some things are just never going to happen: time travel; slamming a revolving door; me supporting an Australian sports team. As much as you might like them to, it’s impossible.

The whole story of Christmas really is incredible too – of all the unlikely things that shouldn’t have happened – there’s a big list at Christmas time.

  • A virgin discovering she’s carrying a baby.
  • Warriors of light making regular appearances (6 in all).
  • An old barren woman (no doubt collecting her pension) finally getting pregnant.
  • National politics & decrees being used to fulfill ancient prophesy.
  • A feeding trough for a cot.
  • Grimy shepherds being the first visitors to saviour of the world.
  • Paranoid kings murdering a town full of boys.
  • Pagan star gazers (think Gandalf & Dumbledore) worshiping God’s child-king.
  • The messiah spending his first few years as an asylum seeker in Egypt.

How would you have written the story for the turning point of history?

I’d have probably chosen the angels, and the virgin miracle is pretty cool. Getting the timing just right on calling a national census is impressive and encouraging rich & generous Eastern men to bring gifts was a nice touch.
But the rest?

Born in suspect circumstances, to poor parents, in hostile territory without even a decent bed. And then living in fear and hiding for those first precious years as a new mum. Impossible. Would never have done it.

This is God’s plan. The Mighty One. Inventor of creativity. Maker of galaxies. Discoverer of light. Composer of history. Father of humanity. Glorious. Powerful. Infinite.
Yet chooses to appear in skin,
in humility,
in weakness,
in uncertainty,
in fear,
in oppression.


Yet nothing is impossible with God.

His plan brought salvation to the world. His story is remembered 2012 years later. It is still celebrated. It is still the pivot of time.

Remember. Rejoice. And worship the King.