EyeIt’s now been a couple of days since Jesus beat death.
Mary has seen him.
Peter has seen him.
Cleopas has seen him, along with his friend.
The rest of the apostles have seen him. Except for Thomas.
Poor Thomas.

How did you sleep last night? Have anything pressing on your mind? Ever been unable to sleep? Your mind buzzing? Confused? Unsure? Upset? That’s Thomas.
Poor Thomas.

The last few years have been intense; amazing; surreal; unexpected; almost unreal. Thomas met Jesus and was never the same again.
Sent to preach and heal in the power of the Spirit. Witness to the Creator’s power and love. Taught and trained by Wisdom himself.

Thomas loved it. He as all sold out for Him. He was ready to go die with him. He was desperate to know the way, the way to the Kingdom. He was wholehearted, committed, signed up for Jesus.
But now it seems as if he’s the only one who hasn’t seen Jesus.
Poor Thomas.

He’s only got a few lines in the gospel, but they show us an intense and enthusiastic man. He loved Jesus and wanted to follow him anywhere, to suffering, to opposition, even to death. He found the small gate and was determined to walk down its narrow path wherever it took him.

But now he’s been left out. Forgotten. The only one out of Jesus’ best friends not to have seen the evidence of the greatest miracle the world has ever known. Why me?
Poor Thomas.

But this coming weekend, Thomas will see Jesus. He will get to touch Jesus. He will get to speak with him and become a witness of the resurrection.
He will be given the opportunity to speak the climax of John’s gospel:

My Lord and my God!

Lucky Thomas.
He saw Jesus and believed.

Jesus is Lord.
Jesus is God.
Jesus beat death.
Jesus now offers us life!

Thomas knows these things. He is not dead, even though he has died.

We too can know these things. Jesus says we’re blessed (fortunate, privileged, happy) if we believe these things without having seen Jesus.

Be encouraged today. Remember you are blessed.
Remember Jesus is alive, and we know it’s true!